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The WDG's reference section offers background information and technical specifications on HTML authoring. Its main purpose is not to provide browser-specific "hacks", or workarounds for browser bugs or limitations, but to give the correct way to do it. In cases where this may conflict with browsers, there will be a note explaining this.

Table of Contents

HTML 4 Reference
The HTML 4 Reference describes all HTML 4.01 elements and their attributes while including examples and notes on usage.
Wilbur section
The Wilbur section covers HTML 3.2. In this section you will find a list of all tags, including attributes, syntax, permitted contents and notes on usage. The HTML reference is also available in various help formats (Windows, Mac, OS/2) which can be used offline.
Cascading Style Sheets
Style sheets can be used to suggest a layout for HTML documents. The Cascading Style Sheets section offers an introduction, a tutorial and a comprehensive reference for CSS1. Also available is the CSS Guide in Chinese, CSS Guide in Japanese, and CSS Guide in Spanish.
Character Set Overview
The ISO 8859-1 character set overview lists all characters (together with entity names) in the widely used ISO Latin 1 character set.
Other Links
In the WDG's Links section, you will find pointers to HTML validators, which can help you catch syntax errors and ensure your documents conform to the standard.
To explain the terms used in this reference, a technical glossary is available.

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