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Wilbur - HTML 3.2

In May 1996, the W3 Consortium announced the release of the HTML 3.2 standard, code-named Wilbur. This became an official standard (public recommendation) in June, 1996. The 3.2 specification has since been supplanted by the 4.0 specification.

Wilbur at a glance

Table of contents

Introduction to Wilbur
The history of the various HTML standards, new tags, and a glance at the future of HTML.
Structure of an HTML document
A short explanation on how an HTML document is structured, what elements go where, and how to ensure that your document is valid, accessible and usable for everyone.
Overview of all tags
Covers all tags in the Wilbur standard, and provides notes on limitations and proper usage. The quick reference is an easy way to get more details about elements.
Alphabetical list of all tags
Useful as a reference. Be sure to read the syntax rules first. It is also available as a one-part file of about 260 kilobytes, which you can download and print. Approximately 36 pages.
Off-line version
A mirror of this HTML 3.2 reference, suitable for browsing offline. Available in Windows HLP format, PDF format, OS/2 INF format, Macintosh formats and in HTML format. It is free for personal use. If you want to use this for commercial purposes, or include it on a CD-ROM or other medium, please see the guidelines first.

Japanese readers may want to read the HTML Terminology and overview of all HTML elements in Japanese (translation courtesy of Yasutaka Kato).


ISO-Latin1 character set
A graphical list of all the characters which may be used in an HTML document.
Explains technical terms used in this reference.
Wilbur homepage
At the W3 Consortium, responsible for HTML and related standards.
Document Type Definition for HTML 3.2
Technical definition of the standard, useful for syntax checking your document.

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