Newport, Oregon

I spent a few hours in Newport, on the Oregon Coast, taking in the beautiful beaches as well as tourist sites like the Undersea Gardens and Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Here are a few photos of the beaches at Newport:

[Beach photo] [Beach photo] [Beach photo]

The picturesque Yaquina Bay Bridge:

[Yaquina Bay Bridge photo] [Yaquina Bay Bridge photo]

Sea lions in the Newport harbour:

[Sea lions photo] [Sea lions photo] [Sea lions photo] [Sea lions photo]

Puffins, an octopus, and a playful sea lion at the Oregon Coast Aquarium:

[Puffins photo] [Octopus photo] [Playful sea lion photo]

Nessie, the Yaquina Bay Sea Monster, "captured" in 1992:

[Nessie photo]