Florence, Oregon

I took these pictures from Highway 101 and various stops near Florence on the Oregon Coast.

At Devil's Churn, the Pacific Ocean pounds the rocky coast:

[Devil's Churn photo]

At the Sea Lion Caves, I took an elevator down to the world's largest sea cave, which is normally filled with sea lions. Unfortunately, the stormy ocean left only a few sea lions in the cave when I visited. At another nearby viewing point that normally features a couple hundred sea lions, one or two sea lions would occasionally jump onto the rocks before the rough ocean tossed them back in.

[Sea Lion Caves photo] [Photo of the stormy ocean at a sea lion viewing point]

A picture of a distant lighthouse, as seen from the Sea Lion Caves:

[Photo of lighthouse from the Sea Lion Caves]

Various pictures of the coast and Highway 101:

[Coast photo] [Coast photo] [Coast photo] [Coast photo] [Highway 101 photo] [Highway 101 photo]