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Line Height

Syntax: line-height: <value>
Possible Values: normal | <number> | <length> | <percentage>
Initial Value: normal
Applies to: All elements
Inherited: Yes

The line-height property will accept a value to control the spacing between baselines of text. When the value is a number, the line height is calculated by multiplying the element's font size by the number. Percentage values are relative to the element's font size. Negative values are not permitted.

Line height may also be given in the font property along with a font size.

The line-height property could be used to double space text:

P { line-height: 200% }

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x incorrectly treats number values and values with em or ex units as pixel values. This bug can easily make pages unreadable, and so authors should avoid provoking it wherever possible; percentage units are often a good choice.

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