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Offline Validator Changes

February 28, 2011

validate 1.2.3 and wdg-sgml-lib-1.1.5: added support for XHTML Mobile Profile and XHTML+RDFa. Also added a command-line option --header='Name: value' for specifying HTTP headers. Thanks to John Goebel for contributing to the header option.

September 24, 2008

lq-nsgmls fixed compile errors on Mac OS X (thanks to Michael Dexter for his help)

April 16, 2006

lq-nsgmls fixed compile errors when using gcc 4.1

May 1, 2005
March 13, 2005

validate 1.2.1: fixed a bug where single quotes weren't accepted around the DOCTYPE's formal public identifier

December 5, 2004

lq-nsgmls fixed compile errors when using gcc 3.4

November 4, 2003

wdg-sgml-lib 1.1.3: updated DTDs for MathML 2.0 Second Edition

October 17, 2003

lq-nsgmls fixed a compile error when using gcc 3.3

October 13, 2003

validate 1.2:

June 19, 2003

validate 1.1.3: fixed a bug that caused extra requests and occasional failures when validating a URI

April 18, 2003

wdg-sgml-lib 1.1.2: updated ISO-HTML DTD based on Technical Corrigendum 1

January 4, 2003

validate 1.1.2: fixed a bug that caused the wrong character encoding to be used when checking multiple documents with different character encodings

October 16, 2002

validate 1.1.1: added support for proxies when validating remote documents

October 5, 2002

lq-nsgmls fixed compile errors when using gcc 3.2

August 3, 2002
May 25, 2002

validate 1.0.4: fixed a bug where files whose names contained whitespace or shell metacharacters could not be validated.

December 19, 2001

validate 1.0.3:

November 22, 2001

lq-nsgmls fixed a bug where a bad Host header was sent when fetching a URL whose host was given as an IP address.

August 4, 2001

lq-nsgmls fixed a compile error when using gcc 2.96

April 29, 2001

lq-nsgmls the Byte Order Mark is now accepted at the start of a UTF-8 document

April 19, 2001

lq-nsgmls when fetching DTDs, we now accept any content-type rather than requiring text/*

December 25, 2000

validate 1.0.2: added support for XHTML Basic and ISO-HTML (be sure to grab the new sgml-lib tarball)

December 13, 2000

lq-nsgmls HTTP redirects are now followed when fetching a DTD (thanks to Nick Kew for the code)

November 23, 2000

validate 1.0.1: fixed a security bug where temporary files were being created insecurely, allowing malicious local users to destroy known files writable by the user of "validate"

October 1, 2000