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A tool for interactive CGI debugging and testing

cg-eye interactive

cg-eye is a test harness for CGI. It may be used as an intermediate stage between running your scripts from the commandline and putting them online, and will diagnose a number of potential problems.

cg-eye interactive lets you construct an HTTP request which will be sent to your server. It will print a full report of the request and the response, including (optionally) the text of the document returned and HTML validation where applicable.

Construct an HTTP Request

Protocol: Method: Redirects:


HTTP Headers

Enter here all HTTP headers you wish cg-eye to send to your URL

Form Data

Enter here all Form data you wish to send. Use plain text (do not URLencode it) - the format is
with one name/value pair per line.


If your URL is password-protected you can supply a username/password for cg-eye to authenticate (this is for debugging your program: don't give cg-eye a password to your actual secure data)!

Username: Password:

Report Options

Select the report options you require when your Form is submitted:
Show CGI Output Validate CGI Output (HTML)