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LEGEND - Fieldset Caption

Syntax <LEGEND>...</LEGEND>
Attribute Specifications
Contents Inline elements
Contained in FIELDSET

The LEGEND element defines a caption for form controls grouped by the FIELDSET element. The LEGEND element must be at the start of a FIELDSET, before any other elements.

While the LEGEND element is not supported by old browsers, it can still be used safely if a block-level element immediately follows the LEGEND. Combined with careful use of FIELDSET, this will cause non-supporting browsers to render the caption as its own paragraph. Elements such as STRONG, B, and BIG could also be used to help express the meaning of LEGEND to non-supporting browsers.

An example follows:

  <LEGEND ACCESSKEY=C>Credit Card Information</LEGEND>
      <INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=card VALUE=visa> Visa
      <INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=card VALUE=mc> MasterCard
      Number: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=number>
      Expiry: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=expiry>

LEGEND's ACCESSKEY attribute, used throughout the preceding example, specifies a single Unicode character as a shortcut key for giving focus to the LEGEND, allowing the user to quickly jump to a group of form controls. Entities (e.g. &eacute;) may be used as the ACCESSKEY value.

The deprecated ALIGN attribute of LEGEND suggests where the caption should be positioned relative to the FIELDSET on visual browsers. Possible values are top, bottom, left, and right. While ALIGN is deprecated, no alternative currently exists in Cascading Style Sheets.

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